May 22, 2022 – A few various updates, upcoming things, and FYIs

Graduates: This next couple of weekends we will be honoring and praying for in a special way for our graduates.  Please hold them in prayer.

Fr. Frantz to Haiti: Fr. Frantz has left for a visit to Haiti this week (wanted to visit before he begins his new assignment), and will be returning around June 10.  Please pray for safe travels for him and safe arrival back to us.

Movie Fr. Stu May 20-May 26: the Movie “Fr. Stu” starring will be showing at the Windsor Theater in Hampton.  It is a movie based on a true story of a man who led a very rough life but had a profound conversion experience that led him to become a priest, who, while still a bit rough around the edges, was very loved by his people.  I have not yet seen it myself but have heard good things.  Please note, though, if you go see it, it is, in fact, rated “R” (especially for the strong language), so probably not a movie for young children.

May 23-27 – Fr. Kevin Gone Again: I have intentions of doing a personal retreat on Mon. May 23-Fri. May 27, so there will be NO DAILY MASSES THIS WEEK!

May 27-28 – Ordinations for Dubuque: Please pray for our men who will be ordained this weekend.

Casey Flack and Jeff Friedan will be ordained Transitional Deacons (meaning will be ordained priests next year) on Friday, May 27

And for Deacon Ben Valentine who will be ordained a priest on Sat. May 28.

May 30 – The Feast of St. Joan of Arc: St. Joan of Arc is a Saint I have been coming to appreciate more in the last couple of years, which especially came from me reading a novel about her by the famous American author Mark Twain.  I also recently read (or listened to an audio version of), a play of St. Joan of Arc by George Bernard Shaw, which I also enjoyed.

Finally, there is a book about her by Andrew Lang, which I have NOT read, but am starting to read in anticipation of her feast day.

So if you’re looking for a read about a fascinating woman of history (and a SAINT), you may consider one of those to prepare for her Feast Day on May 30.

May 30 – Memorial Day: Finally, Mon. May 30 is also Memorial Day.  So our morning Mass that morning will be held at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Ackley, following the other Memorial Day services.  (Specific time will be listed in upcoming bulletins)


-Fr. Kevin