Catholic Charities Annual Appeal

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A Message from Archbishop Jackels:

Dear friends,
On account of our Baptism and faith, we are all partners to continue Jesus’ mission in the ministries of the Catholic Church. An important Church ministry is to help the poor who cannot provide for themselves
the things needed to live in dignity.

Catholic Charities is the ministry of the Archdiocese of Dubuque that works to promote service to the poor. They do this by organizing volunteers for things like disaster response, reaching out to people who are imprisoned or recently released or welcoming immigrants. Catholic Charities also promotes the ministry to the poor by begging on their behalf for prayers and for donations. We learn from Scripture that we are “co-workers with the truth” when we support the ministries of the Church with our monetary donations (see 3 John 8).

Financial support of Catholic Charities fulfills our mission priority of promoting stewardship, which includes sharing time, talent, and treasure in support of the Church and of the poor. By helping the poor, you help yourself to bear the mark of an authentic Christian. Won’t you help us help you help the poor?

Confident of your generosity, and grateful for it, I am Sincerely yours in Christ,

Michael O. Jackels
Archbishop of Dubuque