St. Mary, Eldora Family Faith Formation

Attention 2nd Grade Parents: There will be a short informational meeting for the parents of students making their First Reconciliation and First Communion this year. The meeting will take place after 4:00 Mass on Saturday, August 29. Contact Deacon Rob if you have questions.

2020-21 Faith Formation Information

In 2017, we renewed our Religious Education / Faith Formation classes from individual youth classes to Family Faith Formation.

We chose Sophia Institute Press as our primary resource for family catechesis but made adaptations as needed.  Family Faith Formation supports and encourages living as missionary disciples through a monthly parent meeting, a monthly family Mass, and a monthly community meeting.

The parent meeting is a gathering of the entire family at the start of each month. After a group prayer, the adults meet for an overview of that month’s religious theme as well as group discussion. The youth (Kindergarten – 12th grade) engage in activities that are meant to complement the religious theme they will study at home with their families.

The monthly family Mass on Wednesday nights allows for worship, a family-centered homily, and family-led ministries.

Community meetings are a time for families to come together for an outreach, service project or a celebratory event. The entire parish is invited to join the faith formation families. All are welcome!

How precious is the family as the privileged place for transmitting the faith!
– Pope Francis

Our Mission –  Catholic Community Dedicated to Jesus’ Call to Make Disciples

Our Vision –  Making Disciples through Outreach, Welcoming All, Faith Formation, Worship

Director of Faith Formation: Deacon Rob Claypool
(641) 939-5545