Mass Resumes May 30

Message from Archbishop Jackels: I am happy to announce that starting 30-31 May 2020, Pentecost Sunday, the parishes in the Archdiocese of Dubuque are able to gather for outreach to the poor, for faith formation programs, and for the public celebration of Mass and Sacraments – Thanks be to God! (Read/watch the complete message here.

Fr. Kevin has shared the following schedule for Mass in our linkage:

4:00 PM   St. Mary, Eldora
6:30 PM   St. Mary, Ackley

8:00 AM   St. Mark, Iowa Falls (also live-streamed)
10:30 AM  St. Patrick, Hampton (English)
5:30 PM  St. Patrick, Hampton (Spanish)

Daily Mass Schedule will resume as follows
Mon. 8:30 am – Ackley
Mon. 5:30 pm – Iowa Falls
Tues. – 8:30 am – Hampton
Wed. – 8:30 am – Iowa Falls* Note, this is just until we do start holding care center Masses again…
Thurs. – 8:30 am – Eldora (This will be in the MAIN church space NOT in the chapel to better maintain social distancing)
Fri. – No Mass
NOTE: there will be NO MASSES AT CARE CENTERS yet, until further notice
NOTE: I do plan to continue to LIVESTREAM daily Mass, at least for now.