Midwife Items Needed

Midwife kits are used in the country of Tanzania during childbirths. There is still a great need for the kits. We will be
assembling them at St. Mary Eldora on Sunday, October 18. Ordinarily, this is done during Lent but like everything else this year, changes were necessary.

Everyone in the linkage is invited to donate/assist with assembly. We are thankful for past donations. To donate contact Mary Nederhoff, call or email the St. Mary office, or plan to drop them in the north foyer after the 8:00 AM
Sunday Mass.

Items needed  – they must be clean and in good condition.

  • Regular size bath towels* (not the thick, large kind) *prewash NEW towels
  • Thin wash cloths** *prewash NEW wash cloths to remove lint
  • Newborn stocking caps (keep hand-knit caps very small)
  • Baby T-shirts (onesies)
  • Bath size bars of Ivory soap
  • 2-gallon or 2 ½-gallon Ziploc bags
  • Receiving blankets or flannel sheets or pieces of flannel or bed sheets that can be cut to size (receiving blankets approximately 30” X 30”)
  • Ground cover approximately 36” x 36” (Don’t hem ground cover.)

Why have our cluster of parishes continued this project to aid African midwives who are assisting new mothers in the villages of Tanzania? In hopes of giving newborn babies a chance to survive. To give you an idea of how basic the kits are…included in each is a razor blade so the umbilical cord can be cut, two pieces of cord, and a couple of pairs of medical gloves.

Thank you for caring about God’s little ones!

  • Collection ends Sunday, October 11
  • Assemble kits on Sunday, October 18, following the 8:00 AM Mass at St. Mary Eldora