Archbishop is coming to town and wants to hear from YOU!

As you have probably heard, Pope Francis has launched this initiative on “Synodality.” Essentially, “Synodality” is a process of the Pope and Bishops reflecting on how to better and listen to and consult with all the faithful of the Church. Really, it is just being more intentional about something we as a Church have already been trying to do!

Last spring, as you may recall, many of you were asked to fill out a “Synod Survey” from the Archdiocese.

If you would like to read the compiled results for the Archdiocese you can read the report HERE:

Each diocese sent in those reports to which was compiled into a National Synthesis of the Synod Report. You can find that at the same link and click on “USCCB National Synthesis of the Synod Report.”

As an ongoing effort to continue this process of Synodality, the Archbishop will be having a listening session in each Deanery (smaller subdivided units), of the Archdiocese. Our parishes are part of the Mason City Deanery, and we have been asked to host in Hampton the listening session for our Deanery, in one month from now!

Thus, here is the formal invitation from the Archdiocese:

You are invited to a discussion on what you want to recommend to our good Pope Francis for discussion and decision at his October 2023 Synod meeting in Rome. The discussion will be held Sun. Dec. 11, from 6:30–7:30 p.m. at St. Patrick’s Church, in Hampton, Ia. The Pope hopes to receive your input regarding three questions:

1) What attracts you to the Catholic faith and to be active in your parish? 

2) What Church teaching or practice makes you feel unwelcome, alienated, or angry? 

3) What topics should the Pope discuss and decide at his October 2023 Synod meeting in Rome? Archbishop Jackels and/or Kim Hermsen (Director of Pastoral Planning and Leadership Development) will be present to lead the discussion and record your responses.

If you unable to make it but would still like to attend one you could go to the following:

Waterloo Deanery – Nov. 29, 6:30–7:30 p.m., Gilbertville, IC school (English and Spanish)


New Hampton Deanery – Dec. 15, 6:30-7:30 p.m., Nashua, St. Michael Parish Center


– Fr. Kevin