St. Mary, Ackley Councils and Committees

Pastoral Council

Meets monthly,  see bulletin for details.
President: Keith Galpin
Vice President: Duane Sudtelgte
Secretary: Jeff Frazier
Doug Lindaman, David Keninger, Scott O’Brien
Finance, Administration, Building & Grounds: Jeff Frazier
Liturgy & Spiritual Growth: Doug Long
Parish Community Life: Shanna Sperfslage
Social Concerns: Robert Harms, Keith Galpin

Pastoral Council Minutes

Cemetery Committees 

St. Mary’s: Keith Galpin, Jolene Harms
St. Paul’s: Mike O’Brien, Mark Reuter

Faith Formation

Meets monthly, see bulletin for details.
President: Mary Schumacher  
Secretary: Denielle Conlon
Beth Gronewold, Rosie Lindaman and Julie Wojcik, Becky Strother, Sherry Peterson, Denielle Conlon, Andrea Miller

St. Mary’s Altar Society

Meets four times a year (March, June. September, and December) usually on the third Tuesday.  
President: Linda Sudtelgte
Secretary: Nina Schmitz             
Treasurer/Vice President: Jodi Uthe

Altar Society Minutes