Upcoming Changes

April 24, 2022 (Announcement about some upcoming changes)

I would like to share with you some news about the future.

Over the last few years, I have had a number of conversations with the Archbishop about how to best care for and serve these four parishes of Franklin and Hardin counties.  Beginning under Fr. Tony, the thought was to have all four parishes under the care of a single priest.  Over time, there was the realization that perhaps these parishes need at least the assistance of a second priest.  This began with Fr. Scott Boone helping us out when we re-opened after COVID in the summer of 2020, and then led to Fr. Frantz coming in November of 2020.

Since then, the intention has become that there will be two priests serving in these four parishes.

But with two priests, the conversation then became: does it make more sense to have a priest pastor all four parishes with the help of an associate pastor OR to go back to have two pastors, each who only have the care of two parishes (as it was before the four parishes came together)?

It was decided that it would be better for both the priest and the people to go back to having one pastor of Iowa Falls/Eldora and one pastor of Hampton/Ackley.

Thus, beginning on July 12, 2022, I, Fr. Kevin, will formally be the pastor of ONLY St. Patrick’s in Hampton and St. Mary’s in Ackley, and will NO LONGER be the pastor of St. Mark’s Iowa Falls or St. Mary’s Eldora. 

Fr. Rod Allers will be taking over as the new pastor of St. Mark’s Iowa Falls and St. Mary’s Eldora. 

Fr. Frantz Agustin will be taking over as Pastor of the Catholic Church in GREENE, IA, as well as the affiliated parishes of Rockford and Roseville.

The weekend Mass schedule will not be affected by the change but will remain as it is.

As this weekend of April 23-24 is First Communion in Iowa Falls & Eldora, I did not want to “announce” it as Mass, as the focus should be on those receiving their First Communion, not on me.  So this weekend, as some read the bulletin before Mass, let’s focus on celebrating those who are receiving their first communion.

However, I, Fr. Kevin will be doing the Masses in Iowa Falls/Eldora next weekend (April 30 and May 1), to which I will then announce what I have written here at those weekend Masses, and say a few more words to the Iowa Falls/Eldora people there.  

A “farewell party” will be organized where you can formally come and say farewell to Fr. Frantz and me.  Most likely that will be either the last weekend of June or perhaps the weekend of July 9-10.  More information to come on that.

It is a bittersweet thing.  I have loved being here with you all and sharing life together.  I will greatly miss the people of Iowa Falls and Eldora and am sad to be stepping away from them.  At the same time, I am excited about what possibilities will open up when I can focus time and energy on only two parishes, and the ways I can be more fully present to those entrusted to my priestly care.

For Iowa Falls/Eldora I’ll say more words of formal farewell down the road, but in the meantime, you are stuck with me for two more months.


-Fr. Kevin

PS: Note that I will be out of town at a conference the rest of this week (April 24-April 29), and will be returning either Friday night of April 29 or Saturday morning of April 30