*Updated* Weather Cancellations – Feb. 22, 2023

St. Mary, Eldora – Ash Wednesday Service and all activities are canceled, and office will be closed (Feb. 22)

St. Mark, Iowa Falls – Ash Wednesday Mass and all activities for Feb. 22 are canceled

St. Patrick, Hampton & St. Mary, Ackley – Due to the impending ice storm all Ash Wednesday Masses are formally canceled. So you can stay home and stay safe and pray together at home. At 6:30pm at St. Patrick’s in Hampton, Fr. Kevin will offer a private Ash Wednesday Mass on behalf of all our parishioners. However the doors will be open, if someone did feel strongly about being there and wanted to join him, particularly if you live close by. But there is no expectation for anyone to come. Use your good judgment, be safe, pray at home.