June 2, 2024 – Learn about the Eucharist (Revival!)

First of all, a reminder to come join us for our Corpus Christi Eucharistic Procession from St. Patrick’s Church to Bandshell Park from 6:30pm – 7:00pm.  A way to pray for our community as well as give public witness to our faith.  Then join us for a supper back at the Church afterwards.

As you may know, the Bishops of the United States have called for this season of “Eucharistic Revival.”  There are various events connected with this as well as a number of new resources to teach about the Eucharist


1)National Eucharistic Congress (July 17-21) – There is a National Eucharistic Congress happening in July in Indianapolis (same location where NCYC takes place).  This is a major event of people gathering in prayer and learning with talks, speakers, prayer experiences all centered around the Eucharist.  For more information, especially if you want to consider registering and going yourself, you can visit: https://www.eucharisticcongress.org/


2) National Eucharistic Pilgrimage – For this past year, there have been four National Eucharistic Pilgrimages, coming from the four edges (North, South, East, and West), that will be converging in Indianapolis.  This involves people traveling those routes with Jesus in the Eucharist in Eucharistic Processions that are stopping at various churches and holy sites along the way.  Currently the “Northern route” (Marian route), procession is today in the area of Rochester, MN.

In June 14-17 I will be gone on vacation with a priest friend of mine, specifically to check out this National Eucharistic Pilgrimage as it makes its way to the Marian Shrine in Champion, Wisconsin (in the Green Bay Diocese).  I am excited to see and experience this National Prayer procession movement.

To learn more visit: https://www.eucharisticpilgrimage.org/


3) Learning Resources:

There are also a number of great video resources to learn more about the Eucharist.

  1. a)The National Eucharistic Revival Youtube Channel:Has a number of videos series such as “The Pulse” as well as “Mystagogy Live,” both hosted by Sr. Alicia Torres (who happens to be a friend of Fr. Kevin’s from his time at Mundelein).  They also have videos from the Bishops as well as Eucharistic Revival Preachers.  There are videos also available in Spanish.
  2. b)Dubeucharistic Revival –For a more LOCAL resource, your pastor, Fr. Kevin, has been making a “podcast” with another priest Fr. Jacob Rouse, where we talk to different people from around the Dubuque Archdiocese about a variety of things all connected to the Eucharist.  Some episodes are more teaching about the Eucharist, some are talking about different events/programs happening within the Archdiocese, and some are “witness talks” of people sharing about their conversions to the Catholic Faith, and the role the Eucharist played in that.  You can find these episodes on any place you listen to podcasts.  OR find it on Youtube OR visit the Archdiocese website on: https://dbqarch.org/dubeucharistic-podcast

Be watching our parish social media for more videos on the Eucharist over the month of June!



-Fr. Kevin

PS: Thank you for all the birthday wishes/cards/gifts and ordination anniversary wishes!