Councils and Committees

Are you interested in serving on one of your parishes councils or committees? Learn more about the functions of each leadership group by visiting the councils and committees page.

Time and Talent Surveys

St. Patrick- Hampton: There are English and Spanish versions available in the pews, on the table in the social hall and in the brochure rack in the hallway, or by printing one here. Completed brochures may be put in the collection basket or dropped off at the parish office. Please share your time and talents to continue making St. Patrick’s a viable and vibrant faith community!

A Message from the St. Patrick Stewardship Committee

St. Mary-Eldora and St. Mark: It has been a few years since we’ve updated our volunteer forms. If you have filled one out in the past, we ask that you fill one out again, in order to update our records and connect your talent with a need. These forms will be available for three weeks during mass or you can use this link to fill in the survey online: Fill out the Time and Talent Survey

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask any one of our Parish Council members: Lorelei Lake, Ali Steiner, Dan Kadolph, Cindy Stalzer, Robert Warrington, Tom Atkinson, Phil Oppold, or Cecilia Penning.

Church is not a building, it is the people. Please look within yourself and consider sharing a portion of your time and talent with our parish family.

Lenten Midwife Project

Every Lent since 2007, our Community of Disciples Cluster parishes (St. Mary Catholic Church, Eldora and St. Mark Catholic Church, Iowa Falls) have aided African midwives who are assisting new mothers in the villages of Tanzania. Read more about the project and how you can donate here: Lenten Midwife Project.