Protection of Children

The Archdiocese of Dubuque takes seriously its call to provide the safest possible environment for all of our young people. As part of that call, we provide information to parents to help them and all of us to be more informed of the issues and topics related to the abuse of children. It is our sincere hope that by partnering together we can continually provide the safest possible environment for all our young people to grow into healthy, Christ-filled adults.

We invite you to view the Catholic Mutual Group Training Safe Haven – It’s Up to You videos that all
employees and volunteers in the Archdiocese are required to complete. As a parent you are invited to access these videos by following these steps:

1.  Go to
2.  Register for a new account.
3.  Select your school or parish location.
4.  Select Role of “Volunteer”
5.  Select Participation as “Parent”
6.  Start the Training, “Safe Haven Training for Parents – Dubuque”
7.  Register you account: Parents who view the videos through the “Parent” section will not be required to have a background check. Parents who wish to be a parish/school volunteer, averaging over an hour a week, are asked to participate as “Volunteer” (step 5 above) as this will automatically prompt you through the initial background check process.

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