Pastoral Care for the Sick, the Elderly, and the Homebound

Throughout the centuries the Church has cared for the sick and provided spiritual nourishment for those who cannot attend Mass due to illness or confinement. The Catholic Parishes in Franklin and Hardin Counties continue this tradition of praying for the sick and also visiting the homebound, the sick, and the hospitalized as an extension of the sacramental life of the Parish, bringing them Holy Communion and assuring them of the constant prayers of the community.

The following are options for those parishioners who wish to receive pastoral care:

  • Parish Prayer Chain: Contact the person for your parish’s prayer chain listed in the weekly bulletin.
  • Prayer List in the Bulletin: Contact your parish office to have your name added to the list.
  • In-Home or Hospital Communion: Contact your parish office to be added to the weekly Communion visits.

Because your parish wants to be accurate in listing names in the bulletin, the parish will accept permission only from a family member of the sick/homebound/hospitalized, or from the person themselves.