June 9, 2024 – More Eucharistic Things

This week I have been asked to preach a three night “parish mission” at St. Gabriel’s in Reinbeck.  That is each evening for three evenings June 9, 10, and 11 from 6pm – 8pm (you’re welcome to come to it, if you would like).  I will be preaching about the Eucharist. Sun. June 9 I will preach about the “Biblical Roots of the Eucharist.”  On Mon. June 10 I will preach about “The Meaning of the Mass” and Tues. June 11 I will preach on “The Eucharist and Inner Healing.”

Please pray for this parish mission.

Also, I will be leaving after Mass on June 12 and will return on Wed. June 19 for a vacation with a priest friend of mine.  Part of the motivation for doing it at this time is to join in some of the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage events that will be happening in the Green Bay Diocese.  We will also be visiting some of the Marian Shrines in Wisconsin: The Guadalupe Shrine in LaCrosse, WI. The Marian Apparition Shrine in Champion, WI.  Holy Hill Shrine, north of Milwaukee.  And the St. Joan of Arc Chapel on the campus of Marquette in Milwaukee, WI (it’s literally a chapel from France that St. Joan prayed in that they deconstructed, transported from France and reassembled on Marquette’s campus).

So while it will be fun trip it also will have a spiritual dimension.  I will pray for all of you while I am away.  Fr. Jangill will take care of you all while I’m gone!

Lastly, thank you so much for all the birthday and priesthood anniversary wishes, cards, and the gifts of money and gift cards for various things! And for the treats!  You all bless me!

Thank you!

Peace, prayers, and God Bless

-Fr. Kevin