Miracles in May 2: St. Padre Pio

Through May I have been sharing with you different miracles and miraculous events in our modern times. Today I don’t want to talk about a single specific miracle, but rather a man, to whom many miracles and supernatural phenomenon are associated.

When we read about Saints and their lives, there are often miraculous stories associated with them. But many of them lived hundreds of years ago, that we wonder if some of the miraculous stories are just pious legends – as some of them could be.

However, Saint Padre Pio, a Franciscan priest of Italy, was born in 1887 and died in 1968 at age 81, which means he is in living memory of our modern time. And many of the miraculous things of “pious legends” really happened to him.

First, in 1918 Padre Pio received the “stigmata.” That is the wounds of Christ physically appeared in his body miraculously. Yet while he shared in the pain of Christ, and there were visible physical wounds (which he covered with gloves), the wounds were never infected and gave off of sweet fragrance as of perfume or flowers. St. Francis of Assisi is the other famous stigmatist and he lived in the 1200s.

Padre Pio also had many mystical gifts such as reading souls, prophecy, the ability to bilocate and the ability to work favors and healings before they were requested of him. His supernatural experiences also include celestial visions, communication with angels and physical fights with Satan and demons. The reports of supernatural phenomena surrounding Pio attracted fame and amazement.

Yet Pio himself was very humble about these and often resisted those seeking him merely because they were interested in the supernatural phenomena. He was not interested in his own glory or fame, but that of Christ. The miraculous and mystical phenomena of his life, was a gift he used to draw people to Christ. He gave spiritual guidance and council to many people, at times with stern and firm words, but always with compassion and love. His gifts helped him speak more directly to that which passed in people’s hearts, or to give guidance to people who were physically far away from him.

Thus, if you want to learn about supernatural miracles in our modern day, there are many that can be found simply in studying the life of St. Padre Pio, a Saint of our modern century whom Christ used to convert many in incredible and miraculous ways.


– Fr. Kevin

PS: A quick update on Fr. Jangill – We are hoping that he will be able to come to our parishes by July 7, or shortly thereafter. He will be taking a month of intensive English classes before he comes our way!

I will give more information has his arrival date approaches!

PPS: Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers out there!