St. Patrick, Hampton/St. Mary, Ackley – New Associate Pastor Announcement

April 16, 2023 – Our new Associate Pastor – Fr. Jangill

It has been officially announced, that we will be receiving a priest from Haiti who will come and live with me in our parishes.

Fr. Jangill (“Jawn – Jeel”) Maime, has been officially named the “Associate Pastor” of our cluster.

He will be coming on JUNE 1, 2023.

Why is he coming to the ARCHDIOCESE of DUBUQUE, IA?  

Fr. Jangill is from the diocese of Fort-Liberte, Haiti (Same diocese as Fr. Frantz Agustin).

He has been finishing studying in SPAIN (so he is fluent in Spanish).  HOWEVER, since HAITI is not in a good political situation, his bishop thought it best that he NOT come back to Haiti just yet.  So the thought was to send him to a diocese where he ALREADY HAS a brother priest from his diocese (that is, Fr. Frantz Agustin).  Thus he is going to spend time here in the Archdiocese of Dubuque.

Why is he coming to OUR parishes?

It is for him to have a year for us to help him transition into the Archdiocese.

The reason the Archbishop thought of placing him with me:

1) He is fluent in SPANISH, but is still working on English (and I speak Spanish AND have a Spanish community he could assist in)

2) I’ve had a Haitian priest live with me before (Fr. Frantz); so they thought that with that experience, I would be familiar enough to help another Haitian priest transition into Iowa.

3) He would be close to his diocesan brother, Fr. Frantz Agustin who is in Greene, IA.

4) It is only for one year; this is meant to be a kind of “transition year” for him into the Archdiocese, with the goal that he would be assigned to another parish in the Archdiocese the following year (potentially as pastor).

5)  while he is in our parishes, he would help out in the REGIONAL help, especially helping with other Spanish Masses at other parishes in our region of the Archdiocese.

What will he do for US?

In many ways, this is about our parish helping out others, being at service of the greater mission of the Church.

We are providing a SAFE place for Fr. Jangill to be to do ministry (as Haiti is dangerous right now); where he can continue to work on his English and learn about ministry in rural Iowa (to be prepared to become a pastor of a parish here in the Archdiocese of Dubuque);

And not only myself but also YOU ALL (the parishioners), are part of that process of serving and supporting Fr. Jangill in this transition, through our community and hospitality.

As many parishioners main contact with a priest is as Weekend Masses; and as Fr. Jangille, probably won’t be helping out with weekend Masses as much HERE;

There will have to be some intentionality on your to reach out to him, invite him over for dinner, etc. to make him feel welcome and help him practice his English!

(I may have him join the English classes at La Luz, as a way to connect with the broader community).

THAT BEING SAID, it is not that he will do NOTHING for us.

Some possible way he may serve: More daily Masses, offering Eucharistic Adoration, Spanish Catechesis and/or Bible studies; Spanish marriage paperwork/preparation, etc; more Confession times, etc.

I know it may cost us a little more to have him, but it is a service we can offer to the greater mission of the church (and it is only for a year)


-Fr. Kevin