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Listen to the Advent music playlist he mentioned in his bulletin column on December 2. This music will help you celebrate …the coming, the waiting, the hope….so to really prepare for Christmas.

Christmas Mass Times

Our Weekend Mass Schedule from September – December, 2018 is:
4:00 PM   St. Patrick, Hampton
6:30 PM   St. Mark, Iowa Falls

8:00 AM   St. Mary, Ackley
10:30 AM  St. Mary, Eldora
5:30 PM    St. Patrick, Hampton  – Spanish Mass

Weekend Mass times change starting in January. Click here for upcoming Mass times.

Our Daily Mass Schedule is:

8:30 AM   St. Mary (Ackley)
(2nd Monday of the Month – 9:30 AM at Grand JiVante in Ackley)
5:30 PM   St. Mark (Iowa Falls)

8:30 AM  St. Patrick (Hampton)

9:30 AM  Care Center Mass (Check bulletin or calendar for location.)

8:30 AM St. Mary (Eldora) (First and Fifth Thursdays)
9:30 AM Care Center Mass (Check bulletin or calendar for location.)

No daily Mass.

Always check the bulletin or calendar for possible Mass time changes.