HOLY WEEK For St. Patrick’s, Hampton and St. Mary’s, Ackley

March 24 – HOLY WEEK!

This week is Holy Week, the highest week of the Liturgical Year.

I know there are many things that make demand on our time, but I strongly encourage you to take some time to prayerfully enter into this Holy Week.

Perhaps try cutting out unnecessary distractions this week: maybe intentionally minimize your screen time (TV, social media, etc.). Or if you do watch a movie this week, watch a religious one (About a Saint, or about Jesus). I would highly recommend the free TV show, “The Chosen” about the twelve Apostles hearing their call to follow Jesus. You can watch free online watch.angelstudios.com.

And make some time for prayer. I strongly encourage you to attend all three of our “Triduum Service” – Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter (whether Easter Vigil on Saturday or Easter Sunday).

The schedule of services this week:

Holy Thursday – 7 p.m., St. Patrick’s, Hampton

Good Friday – 7 p.m., St. Mary’s, Ackley

Also, in Ackley there will be at 12 p.m. noon an Ecumenical Good Friday service at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. It is a “Tenebrae” service, meditating on the “Last Seven Words” of Jesus on the Cross. Fr. Kevin will also be helping with this. If you are able to take time in the middle of the day, it is another additional way to prayerfully reflect on our Lord’s Passion in addition to our own Good Friday Service in the evening.

Holy Saturday (Easter Vigil) – 8:30 p.m., St. Patrick’s, Hampton.

I especially want to strongly encourage and invite you all to attend Easter Vigil. I know it’s a late service and a long service but it really is the climax of our liturgical year, to really experience Christ’s Resurrection as the light in our darkness, the living waters, and the Saving Word of God.

Also, at the end of Easter Vigil there will likely be a little bit of sweet and tasty dessert! We will have a little party with food at the end of Easter Vigil, to celebrate our Lord’s Resurrection!

(And if you attend Saturday night, it counts as your Easter Mass).

Easter Sunday services will be at our normal Sunday Mass times. 


– Fr. Kevin