St. Mary, Ackley

611 Sherman Avenue  ~  P.O. Box 2  ~  Ackley, Iowa 50601  ~  (641) 847-2329

We, the Roman Catholic community of Saint Mary, are to be witnesses of God’s plan of salvation. Through the teachings of Jesus Christ, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit,we strive to be stewards of our faith.

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St. Mary Liturgical Minister Schedule Sept-Dec 2018

Peace Pole

St. Mary’s Peace Pole was donated in memory of Gaylord Lupkes by his wife Patti.

A Peace Pole is a hand-crafted monument that displays the message and prayer Holy Peace Prevail on Earth on each of its four sides, in different languages. There are tens of thousands of Peace Poles in 180 countries all over the world dedicated as monuments of peace. They serve as constant reminders for us to visualize and pray for world peace. The four languages on our Peace Pole are: English, Spanish, German, Aramaic (the language of Jesus).



Money Counters

We are in need of a few more money counters. It only takes a few minutes after Mass. Please contact Keith Galpin at 847-3177

Save the Date!

The Annual Turkey Dinner at St Mary’s Ackley is October 21.
We are working on the work assignments. IF you would like a different work assignment from last year OR you are unable to attend, please let us know on or before September 16. Contact Nina Schmitz, Linda Sudteldgte, Jodi Uthe. The Turkey Dinner takes all of the parish to work together to make it a success! Thanks in advance for your cooperation!