Sept. 11 – ADULT FAITH FORMATION! (St. Patrick, Hampton/St. Mary, Ackley)

As we gear up for another Faith Formation year to form our children and youth in the faith, I am
also trying to offer more opportunities for ADULTS, because formation in the faith does not END
at Confirmation, is a lifelong process.
Thus, I will be offering a WEEKLY Adult Faith Formation class, beginning Wed., Sept. 14 at
6:30 p.m. at St. Patrick’s in Hampton. It is open to all adults! PLEASE COME!
I especially encourage parents who have their children in faith formation classes to come and stay
WITH their children so it becomes something more you do as a FAMILY!
But even if you don’t have children in Hampton Faith Formation, or are not a Hampton
parishioner, PLEASE COME!
ALL ARE WELCOME! It is open to all adults!
While I know it’s a bit of a drive from Ackley up to Hampton (believe, me, I know, as I do it
frequently), I also want to invite and encourage ACKLEY parishioners to consider coming and
being part of the Wednesday night Adult Faith Formation in Hampton.
Even if you can’t come every week, we would love to have you join us when you can; and if you
know of a few other adults in Ackley who are interested, you could carpool together.
Feel free to invite Non-parishioners and Non-Catholics if they like to come and would have more
conversation about the faith!

To engage also the broader community, I will be offering a couple of Adult Faith Formation talks
in more public venues in October:
• Tuesdays, Oct. 11 and Oct. 18 at 6 p.m. at the Rustic Brew, HAMPTON
And the same talks,
• Saturdays, Oct. 22 and Oct. 29 at 8:30 a.m. at the Ackley Civic Center, featuring coffee
beverages from Chairish Life.
These talks in October will be touching on the topic of Halloween:
Talk 1 – Exorcisms Ghosts and Demons:
Most of what people know about these things is what they learn from horror movies. I would talk
about what does Catholic Christianity ACTUALLY teach and say about these things, instead of
what Hollywood teaches. Obviously, with Halloween at the end of October, it is the time when
people are thinking about these things; so, I will present a Christ-centered, Christian perspective
on these topics!
Talk 2 – A (Christian?) History of Halloween:
Exploring the roots and history of Halloween: Is Halloween merely pagan and evil? Are there any
Christian roots and themes to Halloween? (Or in things like Dracula and Frankenstein). Should
Christians celebrate Halloween? What about the Mexican Day of the Dead?
Join us as we explore these and other questions around this holiday.
– Fr. Kevin