Sept. 18 – First Saturday Devotions (And Our Lady of Fatima)

In 1917, during World War I, the greatest war the world had ever seen, up to that point, Our
Blessed Mother Mary miraculously appeared to a few children at Fatima. There are various
aspects to the messages she gave, but at the heart of Mary’s concern, of why she appeared, was
for salvation of souls and for peace in the world. And much of her concern for peace revolved
around Russia.
The consecrations of Russia (and the world) by various Popes to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
seems to have impacted world events, climaxing in John Paul II’s consecration in 1982 that was
followed by end of the Soviet Union and the Cold War.
Due to all of this, I was deeply moved and filled with hope when Pope Francis again consecrated
Russia (and Ukraine, the Church and the whole world) to Christ through the Immaculate Heart of
I have been personally moved to pray the rosary with greater frequency and devotion as a way of
ongoing participation in unfolding of this consecration for peace in the world and salvation of
At Fatima, Mary invited us to participate in this unfolding work of extending Christ’s salvation
and peace in the world, not only through prayer of the rosary, but also through the “First
Saturdays Devotion.”
It’s to offer the first Saturday of each month as a devotion of “making reparation” from the
destructive effects of sin by our own repentance and prayer. Doing so we participate in extending
the power of Christ’s Cross into the world and places of resentment, war and destruction, to bring
healing, reconciliation and peace.
This First Saturday Devotion includes the following elements:
1. Praying a Rosary
2. Receive Communion
3. 15 minutes of intentional meditation on one of the mysteries of the Rosary – this is
done in addition to (not during) the praying of the rosary itself.
4. Go to Confession – this can be done anytime in week before or after as well.
As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, as there continues to be a lot of polarization,
anger, and resentment in our own society, and as October is the month of the Rosary and Respect
Life month, I have decided that on Saturday Oct. 1, I will begin doing the First Saturday
Devotion – and invite you to participate in it! It will involve Adoration, availability of
confession, rosary and Votive Mass to Blessed Virgin Mary. I am still figuring out exact
times/details/location (which parish), but more to come on that. And if you’re interested in
participating, please let me know.
Also, on Sat. Oct. 1, my cousin Charlie Lehmann is organizing an all-day pray event in St. Louis,
Missouri, trying to invite Christians of all denominations to come together to pray and worship the
Lord. I told him I would pray for them – and I ask you too as well. So, our prayer on October 1
would also be praying for and in solidarity with them during this event in St. Louis.
You can learn more about this prayer event in St. Louis, Missouri by visiting:
And if you felt so moved to drive the six hours to St. Louis to participate in the event, I know my
cousin Charlie would be thrilled, especially if you dropped my name to him!
– Fr. Kevin