Welcome, Fr. Frantz!

We are excited to welcome Fr. Frantz Augustin as Associate Pastor for our linkage!

A note from Fr. Frantz:

I am Fr. Frantz Augustin. I am the penultimate child of 12 siblings. Sadly, my mother and oldest sister passed away last year, leaving my father, 4 sisters, and 6 brothers who still live in Haiti.

I was ordained on April 20, 2013, within the Diocese of Ft. Liberty in the northeast province of Haiti. After ordination, I was appointed as associate pastor working in several parishes in my diocese for 4 years; then after that became pastor of a parish for another 2 years. Simultaneously, I served as the Director of Missions within the diocese.

After my seminary training, I continued my studies in business administration beginning October 2015 and graduating with a bachelor’s in June 2019. After my BA studies, I was sent to the United States by my Bishop to study English. Since October 2019, I had been studying ESL at Divine Word College, Epworth, Iowa, and finished with the ESL program a few weeks ago.

Then with the permission and recommendation of my bishop, I was accepted by Archbishop Michael Jackels in this archdiocese to minister and work in these four parishes with Fr. Kevin.

I am thrilled to be here with you during this holiday season and sharing the love of God.


Fr. Frantz.