A comment from Fr. Kevin, in light of the recent Pennsylvania reports

About a month ago, I gave a homily that wrestled with the question: “What do we do when we have a bad shepherd?”
While I wrote this homily before the reports from Pennsylvania were public, and so I did not have them in mind when I wrote it, I think there are some themes in here that may be very relevant.  So I offer it again, to be listened to.


On behalf of the Catholic clergy, I am sorry.  I hope that our Bishops may work for total transparency; for only the truth will set us free; I hope that justice be done; I hope that there is healing and reparation for all those who have been hurt and abused.

We hope. We pray.

Christ be our Light,

-Fr. Kevin

Fr. Kevin Earleywine, Pastor

PS: Here is a link to Dubuque’s policy and procedure for the protection of children.  You will also find the link for the new safe environment training that church volunteers in the Archdiocese must go through.
Also, if you are wondering how you might talk about this with your children, you may find this article helpful: