April 30 – Miracles for May

Miracles are real! In the scientific world that we live in, many people tend to be skeptical about
the existence of real, supernatural miracles. But they are real!
Over the centuries, the Catholic Church has investigated thousands of miracles and miraculous
events to confirm if they are true. And in our modern day, the Church also employs all the tools
of science available to rule out every possible scientific explanation before something is declared
miraculous. The Church even works with non-Catholic scientists and non-believers to insure
objectivity in their research, and meticulously documents all their scientific research.
And these miracles occur even in our modern days.
For one to be “canonized” a Saint in the Catholic Church, at least one, usually two confirmed
miracles have to be attributed to their intercession. These usually are miraculous healings for
people who invoke the prayers of the person in heaven.
Our last three Popes, Saint John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have canonized a
total of 1,375 saints! That means at least one, if not two confirmed miracles for each of them;
thus, over two thousand documented miraculous healings in only the last half a century.
To this day, tens of thousands of people make pilgrimage to Lourdes, France, where Mary
appeared in the 1800s. Over 7,000 people have claimed to experience some sort of miraculous
healing through Mary’s intercession at Lourdes. Seventy of those have been meticulously
researched, and have been confirmed to indeed be miraculous healings; that is that is there is no
scientific or medical explanation for the sudden healing of a grave illness.
You can read about these 70 Church approved miracles at Lourdes here: rb.gy/wuufz
You can also watch a 15-minute video about the office that investigates the miracles here:
Over the month of May I will be sharing with you in my bulletin columns about some miracles in
our modern times, that the Church has investigated and declared official.
In June, in honor of the Feast of Corpus Christi, I will be talking about different Eucharistic

You can read more about the different miracles that the Church has or is investigating here at “the
Miracle Hunter” website: www.miraclehunter.com.

– Fr. Kevin

PS: I will be gone next weekend, the weekend of May 6-7, as I will be attending my nephew’s
First Communion, in Colorado! Please pray for Daniel Earleywine as he prepares to make his
First Communion!
We will have a Missionary Priest here, who will be talking about the Mission Work of Food for
the Poor, and taking up a collection to support their mission work. You can learn more about the
work they do at foodforthepoor.org.